Add custom Javascript in Magento admin form

Magento is flexible enough to insert your custom JavaScript code snippets in forms created by your very own Magento modules & extensions.


How to bind an action after customer login success using Magento?

Add the event to your module’s config.xml file

Now create a model Namespace_Modulename_Model_Observer

Add a customerLogin() method to the class:


Add Magento Admin User Using MySQL Script

Database adapter in Magento

To read:

To write:

Retrive Store Details In Magento

How to add noindex, nofollow robots meta tag or change meta title or description on certain pages

You can use your local.xml to do updates.

Store and read session variables in Magento

We can use set and get method to store variables in session.

To store variable in session.

To retrieve variable in session.


Load Product By Name, Id , Sku in Magento